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For years “Peled” was known for his colourful writing, style, and straightforward approach in the local Hip – Hop scene and In the last Year, Across the Israeli mainstream with 2 songs  in the local Charts ! (#2 Galgalatz , #6 Reshet G ) In the begining of 16′ Peled released his second album named “Hakol Alay” Which translates to “Everything On Me” The album was highly accepted by the local crowd and press with 2  Sold Out  shows In Tel Aviv’s main venue – Barby Club. Which straight afterword lead to a Country Tour fully sponsored by “Stolichnaya” Including a full equipped Tour Bus and Shows from North to South . Since, without a break Peled continued selling out local Venues, Headlining in Major Festivals, releasing Multiple collaborations with country leading artists such as – Hadag Nahash, Karolaina & Ido B and Zooki and even Opened Shows for Wiz Khalifa, Major Lazer and Die Antwoord and this is just from the last Summer . Just a moment after releasing his Last Video Clip from the Album – Kapara Which hit the 200K views in a week.

Its fully clear that all of which are just another sign for the blossoming and growth of Peled as an artist which is here to Stay & Grow.