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Dj juvi (Israel) 27 Y.O, started his career at the age of 15 at the mythical G-Spot club placed at the “Atarot square”. after two years he won the Dj competition at the club and made his way by conquering the hip hop\edm club scene in Tel – Aviv.

For year’s Dj juvi took place at the legendary music festival “Bombamella” by lifting thousands of hand’s in the air. Nowadays Juvi is headlining two of the most major party lines of central Israel – Tel aviv: Line ” Hamegama “for the youth and “Hamartef” at Haifa. Juvi has been headlining two major festval’s\block partie’s of central Israel, performing infrony of thousend’s of kid’s all around the country.
By the past year Juvi had signed gigs and shows all over Israel, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv , Beer Sheva and many many more. At the last Chanuka holiday juvi headlined one of the central youth festivals named ” Jet leg” beside Israels fines’t : E-Z , Ido b & Zooki , Liron Kohner and Asaf Goren known as Israel’s top youth artist’s and favorite musicians.
By the end of the year Juvi even had the chance of performing alongside Ninet Tayed (the most appreciated singer and performer in Israel) at the party line “Black Milk”.
Even though DJ juvi had been a known figure for some time now in the hip hop scene in Israel, the past year had opened his horizons and purviews to all of the major scenes in Israel such as EDM\Trap\Bigroom \ DNB and even Reggae.
After a decent amount of time Juvi decided to headline Israel’s stages by releasing his very first single”Welcome to the middle east” whom he produced with the international producer ” Dan Farber”. Juvi describes ” Welcome to the middle east ” as a Trap tune influenced by touches of middle eastern music.
The music video was shot at various number of gigs\clubs and block parties by the past year, filled with adrenaline flooded by madness and one Juvi.