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ToMix & Genish

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ToMix & Genish (Tom Katz & Amit Genish), young Music producers and D.j. duo from Rishon Lezion, began working together since 2013.

Tom was born to a musical family, his father-also a d.j. and his mother – a singer, is what made him being so passionate for creating. Amit found his love for music as a dancer, until he realized what he really wanted to create was music. Tom & Amit met each other in middle school and thats actually how they made their ways cross together.

Their main turning point was at the “Best Israel’s Young DJ” competition, and in fact they won and took the first place, they began their way in “Line Hamegama” at the “Mosad Club” as resident D.j’s.
in year 2014 they published their track “RAHSMY!” and took recognition for thousands of Views.

in mid 2015 ToMix & Genish released their official remix for the hit “Halom Shel Kol Gever” that took big success. their music can be found through their social media accounts that have gained hundreds of thousands of views.

These days, ToMix & Genish Continue on their way with much work ,through Shows around the country and many Collaborations